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  • Kitty Convict Cat Collar
  • Kitty Convict Cat Collar
  • Kitty Convict Cat Collar
Our neon orange cobra weave Kitty Convict cat collars are handmade and made-to-order, from military grade 550 parachute cord, from right here in America. The paracord is water safe and will not rot. Dress your cat in an orange collar with an ID tag (not included). You can choose either Bright Orange or Reflective Orange paracord. Orange is bright and it will brand your cat as an INDOOR CAT. So anyone who sees a cat running around outdoors in an orange collar, knows that they are an escaped convict! Don't buy kitty a boring old collar from Petco, keep them safe in their orange Kitty Convict collar! =^..^=

All our collars are made with a 'breakaway buckle', since cats are prone to getting into tight, awkward spaces. If kitty gets caught, the collar will release. You may lose a collar, but your cat will be safe. The charm is waterproof and made of stainless steel, so it will not break or rust. It also comes with a 'D' ring for you to add an ID tag. We can even add a bell at no extra charge!

HOW TO MEASURE: Place the measuring tape around the cat's neck. It's best to use a soft, bendable measuring tape instead of a carpenter's tape. Read the measuring tape where the beginning of the tape meets what you have wrapped around the cat's neck. The resulting number is the size of collar to purchase for your kitty! Please only give us your cat's exact neck size, we will allow an extra 5/8" when we add the buckle.

GUTTED COLLARS: We know some kitties don't like a bulky or stiff collar. So we offer the option of 'gutting' the paracord. This is the process of removing the 7 inner strands from the paracord, allowing for a flatter, thinner, lighter, more flexible collar. There is NO extra charge. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. :)

****Please, please take the time to measure correctly. These collars are not refundable for measurement errors by buyer.****

****PLEASE NOTE: These collars are NOT adjustable, but they ARE totally cool!****

Thank you! :)

Kitty Convict Cat Collar

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 18 February, 2017.